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Current 2014 OSRC Volunteers!
1. Robert Elvin and his family
2. Elden Ellis and Tom Herbert
3. Ian Morris, Dan Cressal, Jared Mangelson, and Jake Prestwich
4. Bob Adams and Ron Westlund
5. Jake Stumph and David Kent
6. Chuck Mannino , Blake Garner, and Isacc Smith
7. Colton Cook, Michael Johansen, and Gary Williams
8. Tacoma and Ian Wilson
Event Marshal, Brian Cannon, Mike Stumph & Craig Stumph
Technical Inspection Brian Cannon
Rock X Marshal, Brian Cannon & Craig Stumph
Rock X Flaggers, Jonathan Lovell, Robert Elvin, Tom Herbert & Tacoma
Announcer, Matt Westrich & Craig Stumph
Scoring, Lisa Stumph, Dallas Stumph, Mike Stumph, & Stephanie Stumph