OSRC needs volunteers for 2016. Contact Craig Stumph if you want to help!

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Current 2016 OSRC Volunteers!
Here are the current Judges as of 3/29/16.

Current 2016 OSRC Volunteers!

Course 1. Bob Adams and Doug Pasha
Course 2. Mark and Marnie Bryson
Course 3. Michael Johansen and Opie Bennett
Course 4. Ian and Liz Morris
Course 5. Jake Stumph and Tacoma White
Course 6. Dan and Brooke Cresall
Course 7. Stephanie Mckee
Course 8. Steve Edmunds and Ron Jensen
Alternates: Troy Tasker and Josh Springer

Event Marshal, Brian Cannon, Mike Stumph & Craig Stumph
Technical Inspection Brian Cannon
Rock X Marshal, Brian Cannon & Craig Stumph
Rock X Flaggers, Chris Mercer, Josh Springer, and Troy Tasker
Announcer, Matt Westrich & Brent Blake
Scoring, Lisa Stumph, Courtney Stumph