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2015 Judges and Officials

Dear Judges and Officials,

Thank you for your dedicated service at the rock crawl. The Judges work hard and without them the event could not go on! Rock crawling has been in decline for the past 10 years. OSRC with your help has helped the sport make a comeback over the last nine years. Thanks so much for your help this year!

Craig Stumph

2015 OSRC Officials

Course 1
Bob Adams & Ron Westlund
Course 2
Marc Bryson and Marnie Bryson
Course 3
Dan Cressall and Brook Cressall
Course 4
Ian Morris and Liz Hansen
Course 5
Tacoma White and David Kent
Course 6
Jake Stumph and Josh Springer
Course 7
Michael Johansen and Steph Hidahl
Course 8
Eldin Ellis and Steve Edmunds

1. Brian Cannon
2. Mike Stumph

Lawn Mower Tech and Marshal
1. Dan Cressall
2. Michael Johansen
3. Bob Adams (course design)

Scoring and Back-up Judges
Lisa Stumph
Sherrie Daily
Stephanie Stumph
Jonathan Nolan
Isaac Smith
David Binkerd (Saturday Only)

1. Matt Westrich
2. Brent Blake

Tech Inspectors
1. Brian Cannon
2. Marc Bryson
3. Wayne Dailey

2016 Class Rules!

OSRC 2016 rules including Side-by-Sides (SXS) on the rocks and 42″ tires for the Legend class are available in the rules section. Courses will be hard enough to be challenging, yet still doable for each class. Click on rules to see the rules for your class. Please use Google Chrome if the rules PDF will not open in Internet Explorer.