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2014 Event Winners

Lawn Mower
1. Tonya Taylor
2. Bear Taylor
3. Shannon Clough

Rock Cross UTV
1. Eli Allen
2. Cody Dailey

Rock Cross Stock/Legend
1. Ben Billingsly
2. Kipp Johnson
3. Mike Bellon

Rock Cross Promod/Unlimited
1. Rawlin McGee
2. Dough Litchti
3. Jeff Burton

Rock Crawl UTV
1. Eli Allen
2. Wayne Daley
3. Joey Swain

Rock Crawl Stock
1. Bryan Twyman
2. Steve St. Clair
3. Brian Gabriel

Rock Crawl JK
1. Ryan Maxfield
2. Travis Olsen
3. Lyle Fredricks

Rock Crawl Legend
1. Robbie Flandro
2. Clay Egan
3. Josh Tedesco

Rock Crawl Promod
1. Jesse Haines
2. Shawn Mcnearn
3. Chris Mercer

Rock Crawl Unlimited
1. Brian Hicks
2. Carl Nielson
3. Rawlin Mcguie

Overall Event Champion
1. Eli Allen

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2014 Rules Including Side-by-Sides on the Rocks!

OSRC 2014 rules including Side-by-Sides (SXS) on the rocks and 42″ tires for the Legend class are available in the rules section. The new SXS class will be available for the May 2014 event. Side-by-sides will be allowed to compete for the Over-All Event Winner by entering the rock crawl and rock cross contests on Friday and Saturday. Courses will be hard enough to be challenging, yet still doable. Click on rules to see the SXS class rules. Use Google Chrome if the rules PDF will not open in Internet Explorer.